Tuesday, 11 December 2012


The Alphablock

#LegoChallenge was added to prompt people to share and tweet about the campaign. Hopefully the sense of reward they get from completing it is enough to compel them to discuss it on the internet.

Words used in the block quote series

Quote 1

The campaign could easily sit on billboards in places where people are waiting around. Somewhere in which they have enough time to work out some words of the puzzle.

A bus shell add simply saying tweet tweet, again reinforcing the use of social media.

Brief completed in 8hrs.


I wanted to make the alphabet have more recognisable letters, or at least I wanted to make the letterforms more individual. I decided to make a new version of what I am going to call The Alphablock  by basing it on the old one and using the blocks from that make up the words that sound out that particular letter.

The Alphablock is now a lot more visually interesting and is more functional for my designs, I then made a few words. 

Tweet Tweet


 Now I have a linguistic system I can then apply it to make a challenging campaign.


With the alphabet down I then set about fleshing out my two ideas. The first being the block quote with large blocks and the second being the one with the alphabet I have made out of blocks of colour.

As I have gone through I have started to like the alphabet block quote idea better, but the problem is that its not easy enough to recognise the letterforms. I needed to improve the alphabet in order for this idea to take flight. I am happy with the over all look, I think its clarity communicates quality.


The colour wheel.

I set about making my ideas happen on the computer, the first thing I did was make this colour wheel, it was fast and I got a good result very easily.

Alphabet done.


The full set of design sheets

I initially started with one design sheet that I penned down a load of really rough ideas.

I made sure I wasn't to fussy or specific with my ideas, I just wanted to get something down.

Immediately I noticed some interesting things stated in the brief that then helped me to make choices about what ideas to expand on.

My ideas began to get more directed and visual as I focused them down furthermore. This process was a very quick evolution of ideas and it was about me being decisive.

I had a lot of ideas, including special LEGO shoes for when you step on LEGO pieces, I wanted to reference lego as a culturally important icon and thought maybe putting them into film stills would work.

My other notable idea was to make a block quote on a poster, but actually not include text in the quote just have actual LEGO blocks on it.

I really began to develop my idea and focus in on the one that I though appealed to the audience which was parents. It needed to be super simple, clean but also clever.

Various other unused idea was to create a book that showed the functional benefits of LEGO, in the time this was just not going to get done well.

I decided to run with this block quotes idea and I thought of making an alphabet that could be represented by coloured LEGO blocks, this could easily done by assigning each letter a position on a colour wheel.

Rough mock up of composition.